Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lately in photos

I'll explain more later on and have a post for each photo but for now here's what's been keeping me busy.. other than the family :)

I promise to introduce everyone soon enough! Happy Holidays & God Bless!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

4 months at Thanksgiving

Belle is now 4 months old and 13 pounds heavy. She loves chewing on her hands, sitting in her Bumbo and reacts to almost everything. If you want to make her smile or giggle, better know how to make funny sounds, kissy faces work too. 

The holidays have begun! It's exciting and to be honest a bit challenging. Everyone knows it's one of the busiest times of the year, parties, dinners, shopping and with our little addition we're learning, one dinner/event at a time, the importance of being organized. As much as we'd love to, we can't attend every single party anymore and if I want to get all my shopping done on time I better work on a list, that means I can't just wing it like I used to. =D 

However, despite all that, we are definitely more excited than anxious. Excited for Belle to experience every holiday for the first time, excited to take Belle to the homeland for the new year, and excited to just have my own little family during this time of year PERIOD. 

I'm pretty sure I'll remember this forever. :)

4 months old and loving her hands. 

While most people take the obvious turkey picture, I like putting the spotlight on the desserts. It is what I eat the most anyway.

Post thanksgiving feasts, looks like she likes parties.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daddy and Belle

It didn't start in the house when we first took her home or our first morning with her, it wasn't in the hospital when she was born either. Verns and Belle's relationship might've started the first time she kicked my belly one night Verns came home from work. After that, I swear to you she would kick every time he arrived. I would bet my camera that he cried a bucket full when she was born, like maybe a medium sized bucket.

One of my favorite things now is how my daughter has made me realize that not only is there more to me still but that there's so much more to my husband than I've ever known. She's brought out another person that no one has ever met, I don't think. He cleans Belle, he sings to her and dances with her and will probably do anything to comfort her, he gets up with me in the middle of the night, he helps around the house, OH and he also puts the xbox controller down in a snap now, just amazing. My husband is a father and he's awesome at it. :)

Apparently she's already promised him no boyfriend till college... or after.

Real men change diapers.

We love you,
Andy & Belle

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Walking Ellis

There's something about walking the dog as a family that makes it so much more enjoyable than just me walking Ellis or Verns walking Ellis. It's not just physically healthy for us, it's also emotionally and mentally healthy. Every week we try to have long walks with Ellis to different parks and over here at the Bay Area we're blessed to have a lot of options.

I never really understood the real meaning of "spend time with your family" until I had my own and I love every minute of it.

Fort Funston (San Francisco)

Seal Point Park (San Mateo)

Ellis, he's kind of amazing. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend

It was Belle's 1st Halloween and we were invited to a costume party, I didn't expect to be so stressed but it's so hard to pick out a costume especially since it was going to be her very 1st one! The idea was to prioritize her costume and then the rest of us (me, Verns & Ellis) can just complete her picture. From 3 costume choices, my husband and I agreed to use Piglet from Winnie the Pooh and friends. Of course we had to be the rest of the characters, I was Eeyore, my husband, Verns was Tigger and our dog, Ellis was Pooh. Belle was so adorable and I'm so grateful that my husband is the way he is, such a team player, he even let me paint his nose pink! :)

We also took her trick or treating which was yesterday. We didn't dress up anymore, except for Belle who wore the Pig head. It gets pretty busy and we did get a few candies UNTIL someone stole Belle's candy basket :( My husband felt so bad that we passed by walgreens to get another pumpkin head basket and some candies, just so Belle didn't come home empty handed from her first Trick or Treat. Yep, Verns is a pretty awesome dad! 

Despite the stolen candies we did have an amazing family weekend, and now I know how to approach the next Halloween weekend. I'm definitely buying more than one costume for Belle next year! :)

Piglet's ready!
Piglet & Tigger waiting for Eeyore & Pooh to get dressed

Anything & everything for Belle, pink nose and all!
Our only decent picture of the three babies, piglet Belle, puppy Aubrey and our mini pastry chef Kaya!

Substitute loot basket

Sunday was spent watching football w/ daddy.
Happy Halloween 2011 from the Sermonias!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 months today

Happy 3rd month, my little love!

They say it gets easier by the third month, I believe it. Other than her sleeping habits changing-she's been sleeping longer-as a parent you find your rhythm as well. It has gotten easier in the sense that I've gotten more used to my baby, to having her. I'm more prepared mentally and emotionally compared to the first day she arrived (hot mess). I now know her more too, I can differentiate the hungry cry from the pee-pee cry and so on and so forth. There's definitely more to learn but I'm also now more excited than anxious, so yay for Belle, stay happy and awesome, daddy and I love you so much!

I've been taking polaroid pictures of Belle every 25th of the month (she was born July 25, 2011).
Bib by Tiny Manila

Monday, October 24, 2011

Always bring back-up

Since becoming a mom I've been given a massive amount of advices that I now feel the need to write down. Not everything might be relevant or helpful to me at the moment but it might be for other new moms and moms to be. So hopefully my blog will one day reach you all.

Let me start with one of the BEST advices that someone has ever given me regarding mommyhood: ALWAYS BRING BACK-UP... everything. From diapers to changing pads to clothes I now always make sure I have more than one of everything. You never know when the next diaper  blow up or throw-up will be and sometimes it even comes while changing. So, always bring extra even for you because some blow-ups don't just mess up the little one's clothes it can easily get to your's too.

While taking her photos in the pink dress she did have a blow up, hence the new dress in the last picture. Either way she still looked adorable at the dinner party :)

outfit: Pink dress from Gymboree, White dress from Janie & Jack

Friday, October 14, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

I have phases with graphic shirts, here's one of my favorites that I got from a bazaar back in Manila. My obsession with them is never stable.. but I do obsess on them and I believe it's back. Even for  baby shirts now, I keep browsing online for cute graphic shirts for Belle. Any suggestions?
Outfit: Skirt by American Apparel, Jacket by Calvin Klein, Graphic Shirt from Manila