Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Gap for the win.

As a new mom people always tell me "don't shop for her yet she's too young", but my love for shopping  and fashion has turned a deaf ear. I have found myself frequenting a new territory called: the BABY Department and my favorite store by far has been Baby Gap. They make almost everything they have in the adult department in teeny tiny, little, itty bitty sizes, which gets me every single time. I'm basically guilty of styling my daughter like I would myself not that that's bad. How can you not? They make baby ruffle knit cardigans, baby jeans, baby dresses, baby denim jacket, baby trench coat.. I can keep going.
So let's start this revamped blog with the baby jeggings I bought for the little princess. 
It's not a major fashion statement for us adults but it might just be in the baby world.

I thought folding them added a cute little detail.

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