Sunday, September 25, 2011


Belle just attended her very first brunch at grandma Dita's house. She didn't eat brunch but she was able to show off her new skirt which I paired with a bright pink cardigan. I was never really one to automatically think pinks and skirts and dresses when dressing up my daughter. I look at clothes and see a million possibilities, especially in this day and age where we have the boyfriend blazers, boyfriend t-shirts and boyfriend jeans, boyfriend everything made for women. All that matters is that I'm completely and utterly in love with an outfit for it to work. However, the other day I found myself having to buy Belle something that screams GIRL. When someone mistook my daughter for a boy, I didn't mind it, it was probably her hair, but when THREE people mistook her for a boy, I couldn't help but feel offended. Thankfully we already an adorable striped skirt to start with (I have thing for stripes), I just wanted something else to complete her outfit and the pink cardigan did it. I walked in the store and it was literally the first thing I saw, fell in love with it instantly. Navy blues and pinks, definitely work for me.
Outfit: skirt & cardigan by Baby Gap
Necessary for every brunch.

Another necessity, machine and all.

Chorizo Fritata by Tita Dita (recipe to follow)

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