Monday, October 24, 2011

Always bring back-up

Since becoming a mom I've been given a massive amount of advices that I now feel the need to write down. Not everything might be relevant or helpful to me at the moment but it might be for other new moms and moms to be. So hopefully my blog will one day reach you all.

Let me start with one of the BEST advices that someone has ever given me regarding mommyhood: ALWAYS BRING BACK-UP... everything. From diapers to changing pads to clothes I now always make sure I have more than one of everything. You never know when the next diaper  blow up or throw-up will be and sometimes it even comes while changing. So, always bring extra even for you because some blow-ups don't just mess up the little one's clothes it can easily get to your's too.

While taking her photos in the pink dress she did have a blow up, hence the new dress in the last picture. Either way she still looked adorable at the dinner party :)

outfit: Pink dress from Gymboree, White dress from Janie & Jack


  1. pretty! where's her dress from? :)

  2. Gymboree! forgot to put that on there :) MAJOR BLOW UP on it though.. hahaha!

  3. Her socks are soo cute! and her dress, and her face!
    BLOW UP! I love it! Haha!

  4. thought it looked familiar, did you go to the one on Burlingame Avenue?

  5. Pris, my mom got the Gymboree dress from Vegas haha but the Janie and Jack one she bought from the Burlingame store :)

    Tina, cus the tagalog word is not too cute haha!