Monday, October 3, 2011

Velcro vs. Buttons

We took on the challenge of cloth diapering 2 months ago and we've finally mastered the technique. Trust us, it'll take awhile, however don't get us wrong we still use disposable diapers for when we go out. Now, other than the cloth diapers, which we receive every week from the diaper service Tiny Tots, we also needed to get cloth diaper shells or cloth diaper covers and because we're new to this we decided to try out 2 kinds and of course more than one color.  So, velcro or buttons? from this family you will hear a loud, resounding VELCRO. They both work well but changing her is faster when all you have to do is rip off the velcro and stick it back on. Also, I suggest buying 3-4 covers, because when the poop leaks from the cloth diapers you'll have to wash the cover and use a new one while it dries.

Diaper covers by Thirsties Baby 

Baby update: She can lift her head higher now and for longer periods of time. Yay Belle!

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