Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daddy and Belle

It didn't start in the house when we first took her home or our first morning with her, it wasn't in the hospital when she was born either. Verns and Belle's relationship might've started the first time she kicked my belly one night Verns came home from work. After that, I swear to you she would kick every time he arrived. I would bet my camera that he cried a bucket full when she was born, like maybe a medium sized bucket.

One of my favorite things now is how my daughter has made me realize that not only is there more to me still but that there's so much more to my husband than I've ever known. She's brought out another person that no one has ever met, I don't think. He cleans Belle, he sings to her and dances with her and will probably do anything to comfort her, he gets up with me in the middle of the night, he helps around the house, OH and he also puts the xbox controller down in a snap now, just amazing. My husband is a father and he's awesome at it. :)

Apparently she's already promised him no boyfriend till college... or after.

Real men change diapers.

We love you,
Andy & Belle

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