Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend

It was Belle's 1st Halloween and we were invited to a costume party, I didn't expect to be so stressed but it's so hard to pick out a costume especially since it was going to be her very 1st one! The idea was to prioritize her costume and then the rest of us (me, Verns & Ellis) can just complete her picture. From 3 costume choices, my husband and I agreed to use Piglet from Winnie the Pooh and friends. Of course we had to be the rest of the characters, I was Eeyore, my husband, Verns was Tigger and our dog, Ellis was Pooh. Belle was so adorable and I'm so grateful that my husband is the way he is, such a team player, he even let me paint his nose pink! :)

We also took her trick or treating which was yesterday. We didn't dress up anymore, except for Belle who wore the Pig head. It gets pretty busy and we did get a few candies UNTIL someone stole Belle's candy basket :( My husband felt so bad that we passed by walgreens to get another pumpkin head basket and some candies, just so Belle didn't come home empty handed from her first Trick or Treat. Yep, Verns is a pretty awesome dad! 

Despite the stolen candies we did have an amazing family weekend, and now I know how to approach the next Halloween weekend. I'm definitely buying more than one costume for Belle next year! :)

Piglet's ready!
Piglet & Tigger waiting for Eeyore & Pooh to get dressed

Anything & everything for Belle, pink nose and all!
Our only decent picture of the three babies, piglet Belle, puppy Aubrey and our mini pastry chef Kaya!

Substitute loot basket

Sunday was spent watching football w/ daddy.
Happy Halloween 2011 from the Sermonias!


  1. Verns is so bad-ass in that 2nd photo! Woo!

    Loves it all!

    OMG at the 3 babies. Is that a doughnut on Kaya's elbow??

  2. hahaha! It's a cookie :) cute right? Tigger being serious?? Tigger's never serious! hahaha!