Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lifestyle & Food Photography

When in Manila, definitely take photos... lots of it.

I tagged along with my awesome friend, Krissy who owns Little People Lifestyle Photography, she's amazing with the kids! It was a great way for to me to learn the business of photography. I was able to watch Krissy work, which was very important for someone who wants to start the business like me.  Here are some of the photos that I was able to take but do check out Krissy's website to see the rest of the party. 

 This gorgeous party was styled by Bambi Hernandez of Alice's Wonderland :)

Now on to food..mmmm.

I never thought I'd be part of a food photography class... ever. But I was and I loved every bit of it. I'm so glad I enrolled in Mylene Chung's class at 50 Feasts, it was definitely worth every peso. I learned so much in two days and I plan to use them in building my food photography portfolio *crosses fingers*. Here are some of the shots I took from class. Now I know this blog is about mine and Isabella's journey but since she is now eating solids I guess I'll be posting more of those now :)
 I've also begun collecting props because Mylene's stash is drool worthy.

Thank you so much Mylene & Krissy! 
Cheers to best friends and new friends as mentors :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Two years was too short, love. Thank you for loving us everyday. 
We miss you so much.

I love you, Ellis.