Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lifestyle & Food Photography

When in Manila, definitely take photos... lots of it.

I tagged along with my awesome friend, Krissy who owns Little People Lifestyle Photography, she's amazing with the kids! It was a great way for to me to learn the business of photography. I was able to watch Krissy work, which was very important for someone who wants to start the business like me.  Here are some of the photos that I was able to take but do check out Krissy's website to see the rest of the party. 

 This gorgeous party was styled by Bambi Hernandez of Alice's Wonderland :)

Now on to food..mmmm.

I never thought I'd be part of a food photography class... ever. But I was and I loved every bit of it. I'm so glad I enrolled in Mylene Chung's class at 50 Feasts, it was definitely worth every peso. I learned so much in two days and I plan to use them in building my food photography portfolio *crosses fingers*. Here are some of the shots I took from class. Now I know this blog is about mine and Isabella's journey but since she is now eating solids I guess I'll be posting more of those now :)
 I've also begun collecting props because Mylene's stash is drool worthy.

Thank you so much Mylene & Krissy! 
Cheers to best friends and new friends as mentors :)

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  1. Hey! you take great pictures :) I was just wondering if you can help me out. I need to create waffles for class.. and I've read that instead of syrup, i should use motor oil.. But I should apply fabric protector first so the oil won't soak it up. Thing of it is, I've done that but the oil still soaks it up. Do you have any other suggestions? thanks!