Friday, May 25, 2012

10 month old rock star

Is it just me or is this going by really fast?

I was carrying her today at the toy store and I realized, she's really heavy now. 
This little bundle of mine is no longer 8 pounds. It's already 12 pounds and 10 months later! 
Contrary to most moms, I don't miss the small Isabella that much, I love what she is now. All these developments and interactions is way too much fun for me. I love seeing every new thing. I love introducing new food and new toys. She has so much character that I don't know whether she'll be more like mommy or like daddy, I'm hoping she's an awesome mix of both! I love watching her observe and stare at everyone and just slowly take it all in, although I should remember to correct the staring in the future. 

I love my little rock star and I can't wait for her first birthday party! 

Yes, she successfully reached the cupcake but wasn't able to eat it.
 I need to bake her something healthy next time.


  1. Hi Andy, I'm new to your site, got here via foodgawker and I must say, am so glad that I did! Love the photography and your whole blog looks so clean and lovely :-) Those adobo tacos are a fun idea too! And your little girl, how gorgeous is she? I'm sure that her first birthday party will be a blast! :-) Keep up the great posts, I'll be looking out for more interesting food ideas from you! Cheers :-)

    1. Hi Sharon,
      So glad that you "dropped" by! Thank you and yes her birthday plan is in process and we are all super excited! Hope the recipes work out just fine for you! Thanks again!