Thursday, May 24, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes by Sasha and Tin

I had the great opportunity to witness, this past weekend, what it means to perfect a cupcake recipe. My friends, Sasha Moyer and Tin De Silva have asked me to take photos of their AMAZING cupcakes. They made 4 different red velvet cupcakes, 2 variations from 2 different recipes. FUN TIMES indeed. Even the frosting had to be determined. So who's asking why I want to be a food photographer?

I was able to shoot their progress and of course taste the results. It was almost like being a judge at Cupcake Wars or some cupcake competition. The cupcakes turned out so delicious and we were able to choose a winner! Thank you, Sash and Tin for letting me be a part of a yummy new beginning. So if you want to taste these cupcakes send them an email at! I'm definitely a big fan.

Sasha made the red velvet cake for my baby shower last year and I HIGHLY recommend it.

nom nom nom

I waited patiently with these two, Senna and Frisee.
Mmmm. It killed me a little bit that I had to wait for them to cool. 

Here's the amazing red velvet cake from the baby shower 


  1. OMG!?!? YOU HAVE A CAT NOW?? HAHA! love those cupcakes!XD I wish I could try them all the way here!

    1. no! hahaha! Mylene the cat and frenchie are both my friend's :)